Leosin Erlanthar

Half-elf monk


Leosin is a half-elf monk scholar. His known possessions are a broken staff and a braided leather neckband with a silver dragon design chased into the leather. Currently the ends are ragged, as if it was roughly torn off.


Leosin has been investigating disturbing activity for months. He was returning to the monastery in Berdusk (his current home) from the library at Candlekeep, where he was consulting librarians and researching draconic lore. He attempted to infiltrate a group of raiders in Greenest but was captured and taken to their camp South and East of the recently raided town. He is badly beaten and will need a few days to fully regain his strength. It seems that he may have extensive knowledge of the cultists’ goals and their next actions which will be invaluable to those attempting to thwart this group’s continued threat in the region.

Leosin Erlanthar

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